How to Get Exposure For Your Martial Arts Events

As part of the Martial Arts Alliance, we benefit from co-hosting events each year. However, participating clubs have requested that Sensei Kegami provide additional support in generating exposure for these events. After much deliberation, Sensei Kegami and other key members of the Alliance have come up with the following instructions.

1. Due to limited funding, the Martial Arts Alliance is unable to to provide funding at this time. However, there are many cost-effective ways to market an event. For example, many local schools host martial arts programs and may be able to advertise the event in the school paper. The same goes for local news papers. Local newspapers like to feature events which can create some news buzz in the local area. This leads to higher reader numbers and engagement. They may be willing to offer advertisements for free or at a much reduced rate.

2. Do some research into event marketing It may be a slight learning curve, but as warriors, we are not afraid of doing hard work to achieve results. Focus on learning the ropes. Just like a new ‘Kata’ practiced and perfected makes you stronger than your opponent, learning the ropes of event marketing will go a long way in helping you become a master at this. You never know, maybe the work you put into marketing will help entice a new gifted warrior to join our ranks.

3. Go to industry leaders to get internet marketing updates You are not expected to become a finely tuned search engine marketing machine with just a few hours of work. But you can read many helpful updates on the topic and apply them. Many of these updates can be found on blogs and social properties.

4. Enlist the help of a reputable internet marketing firm Many of these companies offer free consultation and may have much helpful advice to give you. It’s not easy marketing a business or event, and these guys are the pros. So take the time to call them. The one linked to above actually has a charity promotion where they do free internet marketing for 30 days if a donation is made to a local charity. There are no country restrictions so they may accept our alliance members into their program. This program doesn’t always run, but it is on at the time of writing these instructions.

5. Try to create social exposure through friends and family. This is the easiest and most effective. Do the math – if each student in your dojo tells 10 people, who each tell 5 people; the word will spread pretty quickly. And always remember that these are your greatest advocates.

6. Look for centers of influence to market your event. Centers of influence are organizations which are interested in we do and who will help us with marketing it.

We hope these ideas help you with marketing your next event. If you need any further ideas or assistance, Master Heimai Kegami will be more than happy to assist you.